Tax Account Relation (Customer Support)

Customer Support are major brand ambassador for OnlinePajak team which responsible to introduce OnlinePajak to Indonesia Tax Payers and helped future user to learn and applied OnlinePajak system applications to help in making Indonesia better place.

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  • Onboarding large enterprise: Working with Sales to onboard newly acquired customers
  • Customer Training: Educating customers on their use of the platform, key features, tax submission deadlines
  • Account Management: Build relationships and understand their customers habits and needs. This includes quickly responding to platform problems or ‘firefighting’
  • Upselling/cross selling: Persuading customers to use additional parts of the OnlinePajak platform
  • Gathering customer feedback: Product feedback and customer experience feedback
  • Churn management: Preventing customers from leaving the OnlinePajak platform or convincing them to come back
  • Communication: Communicating key information or updates etc relevant to their customer


  • Prefered from Accounting or Tax background with familiarity with taxation
  • Preferred familiar with eFaktur Desktop or DJP Online Aplication
  • Customer oriented
  • Have experience of handling Customer Complaints, Question & Processes.
  • Able to communicate as a team work
  • Excellent analytic skill and interpersonal skill (excellent english will be a HUGE plus)

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