Senior DevOps Engineer

You don’t feel closure until the last manual task has been automated.

You love to see a developer’s happy face when you solve his problem. 

You feel at home with a good Cloud provider.

Don’t wait anymore! Come and join the DevOps team at Online Pajak!

We are a FinTech/RegTech company which is facing tremendous growth by helping enterprises in Indonesia comply with tax regulation in a seamless way.

With teams located in Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney, we are a truly distributed and diverse company that operates in several time zones.

Inside OnlinePajak, the DevOps team is a small but central team that builds the platform that empowers developers to build, deploy, monitor and scale their applications up to production, using modern cloud technologies (AWS & Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI/CD, Vault, Kong API Gateway, Datadog, Cloudflare, Kotlin, Nodejs, MongoDB, Terraform…).

We are looking for a new member in our main office in Jakarta to work with us on the new security, scalability and availability challenges that come with our growth.

We value people who like to learn and share, who enjoy deep-diving into complex issues until they are solved, and who take pride in delivering a quality service.

With team members in several countries, we especially look for people who can thrive on the flexibility and autonomy of a distributed team.

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As a member of the DevOps team, you will:

  • Contribute to the design and building of our DevOps platform
  • Develop and document automation solutions for our tasks and self-services for our developers
  • Train our developers to the wisdom of the DevOps way
  • Monitor and troubleshoot our platform and services to ensure their availability
  • Collaborate with our Indonesian partners (Bank, government…) to ensure smooth integration with our systems
  • Collaborate remotely with your friendly DevOps colleagues in different timezones


An ideal candidate would:

  • Have 5+ years of experience in a DevOps/SRE role, preferably at a startup using cloud technologies
  • Have already worked and enjoyed working in a distributed team or in a remote position
  • Have experience deploying and maintaining a Containers platform, preferably Kubernetes
  • Be comfortable writing automation scripts and basic programs using a scripting language in Python or a similar language
  • Know how to build a CI/CD pipelines platform for developers, with tools like Jenkins or Gitlab CI
  • Be able to manage infrastructure with an Infrastructure-As-Code approach (Git, Terraform, Ansible…)
  • Be proficient with network interconnection technologies (MPLS, IPSec…) for our partner’s integration
  • Speak English and Bahasa fluently

If you don’t check some of these boxes, don’t worry and just show us that you can learn really quickly at the interview.

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Are you the right candidate?

We would love to hear from you. Please send us your resume and cover letter.

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