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Hadori & Rekan

Hadori & Rekan

Services: Audit, Accounting, Tax Advisory

Hadori & Rekan is a registered public accounting and business advisers firm. We have been established since 1973, with offices located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. The firm represents a group of specialist providing business advices and services to a wide range of business organizations, including Private, Public, State Owned Enterprises and Not for Profit Organizations.

Since 1988, Hadori & Rekan joined HLB International, a worldwide accounting firms and business advisers. Having this membership each member firms has the right to use HLB in their name to present a blend of international and local name. It emphasizes the strength of both the international organization and the local firm whilst, at the same time, demonstrating the close bond between the two. Accordingly, the brand name Hadori & Rekan change to HLB Hadori & Rekan. Such change has been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

As a member of HLB International, HLB Hadori & Rekan is part of a worldwide network of respected public accounting and business advisory firms in over 100 countries generating in excess of US$972 million in annual billings from more than 1,430 partners and 9,900 staffs in over 400 offices. Ranked in the top 12 accounting and business advisory groups.

Address : Jl. Ciledug Raya No 36 A, Jakarta Selatan

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