Deskera - OnlinePajak integration

The ultimate solution to automate your business for growth. An Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Tax Management Platform.

An integrated solution for your business – Accounting and Tax Filing has never been easier.

OnlinePajak + Deskera

What Can We Do?

Easy to use

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it has never been easier to manage your core business processes and understand your business’ financial health anywhere you are.

Time effective

The Deskera and OnlinePajak cloud application automates time-consuming, recurring tasks such as calculation of taxes, and generates tax reports in seconds. This allows you to focus on what really matters.

Seamless integration

Perform accounting and tax-filing in a matter of clicks. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and hello to smooth processes.

About OnlinePajak

OnlinePajak is a fully-integrated web-based tax application that allows taxpayers to perform Tax preparation; calculations, payments and tax reporting in a single platform seamlessly. 

With its technology and innovation, OnlinePajak is an Official Application Service Provider host to host with Dirjen Pajak Indonesia

About Deskera

Deskera, a multiple award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning software, is where all your business happens – integrated and on the cloud. With more than 25,000 users across 8 countries using Deskera, we are changing the way small and medium businesses from various industries operate.

Deskera is your all-in-one solution for your Invoicing, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Inventory and HR needs.

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