Integrations & Automation

Pre-built integrations, APIs & workflow automation

Our multiple connectors enable two-way synchronization of your transaction details with your ERP and accounting systems. Our composable workflow engine enables full automation on top of this – you can automate your business processes across multiple teams and services.

1-click integration

Pre-built integrations that you can activate immediately. No development effort needed. Or develop your own integrations via our APIs to meet your bespoke needs.

Elevate your productivity

Say goodbye to manual processes and repeated data entry. Every transaction and invoice is automatically synced. Complete your month-end closing in record time.

Secured data transfers

Syncing of transaction details is done seamlessly, with industry-standard security standards applied.


Workflows that are simple, flexible and fast to deploy

No developers? Any business user can create an automated workflow directly within an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Design these processes based on your needs, not based on system limitations. Whether it is document or payment approvals, or fetching and uploading documents into multiple systems, our workflow engine has you covered. Trigger these workflows with just one click.


SFTP, Xero, Oracle Netsuite, & Salesforce
Bi-directional sync
Invoices and ledger synchronization
e-Meterai integration
Create your own no-code workflow
Use a pre-built OnlinePajak workflow

Frequently Asked Question

Which ERP systems does OnlinePajak have pre-built connectors for?

There are currently connectors for Xero, Oracle Netsuite, and Salesforce.

What happens if I use a different ERP system?

If you use an ERP system for which there is no pre-built connector, or if you have special requirements or prefer to integrate manually, we have mature APIs offering the functionality needed. The API specifications can be found here.


How does Bi-directional sync work?

Bi-directional sync means that documents are synced two ways. For example, when an invoice is created in an accounting system like Xero, a record will appear in OnlinePajak’s platform which is then used to create the tax invoice. The tax invoice is subsequently then synced back to the accounting system.

What are some examples of workflows that can be automated?

One common workflow document approval routing. For example, our tax team can create a draft invoice within the OnlinePajak platform, and automatically route it to the tax supervisor via Slack or Microsoft Teams for approval. Other workflows like tax payments can also be automated using similar workflows. More examples can be found here.

Are there pre-built connectors that can be integrated into workflows?

Yes, there are connectors for email, file storage systems, messaging apps, big data tools, and other business software.  There are also utilities for creating files, storing documents in different systems, timers to delay actions, just to name a few examples.

How can a workflow be designed?

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface is available to customize workflows as needed. It doesn’t require a software engineer to build flows. We can also expose a sandbox environment for your development.

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