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Increase efficiency with digital signatures

Avoid the risk of non-compliance with the right to affix your digital signature on digital documents anytime and anywhere. We provide flexibility for you to integrate electronic signatures with our system.

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Official and registered

OnlinePajak is an official partner of PERURI and registered with PSrE (higher than certified), so all digital signatures on your electronic documents are valid and legal in the eyes of the law.

Linked to invoices

Make your transactions smoother by affixing a digital signature with just one click on invoices in one integrated platform. You can also add an e-Meterai at the same time.

Easier integration

OnlinePajak provides flexibility for those who want to integrate digital signatures into your system via API or Webhook. Also, create a connecting workflow between the two systems according to your needs.

e-Signature features

Single signing
Bulk signing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use OnlinePajak’s e-signature service?

Our e-signature service is integrated into the process of creating a transaction. Hence, it is much more seamless as there is no need to download and upload documents from multiple systems and manage multiple versions.

What processes must be followed in order to be able to add e-Signatures to documentation?

Any individual who has provided the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) documents associated with your company can have the e-signature added to documents.

How many documents can I sign every month?

This is dependent on the quota assigned to your account. Please contact our sales team to find out more about your quotas and associated costs.

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