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Create ID Billing code and pay your PPN VAT tax in an integrated platform. Simple tax filing with automated billing code and NTPN in SPT Masa.

About PPN
  • PPN: a tax levied on certain types of a sales transaction of products or services
  • Filing and payment: monthly, due at the end of the month
Legal Basis of PPN

Based on the HPP Law, now the VAT rate in 2022 has increased from 10% to 11%.

Pay PPN and enjoy the benefits
  • Payment made easy from your phone
  • Various methods of payment by Visa Credit Card or Bank VA Transfer
  • Secure Payment and Official license by DJP

Pay Now with Visa Credit Card

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  • Simplify business process
  • Extend cashflow up to 55 days
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Payment Steps

Pay taxes and other state revenues in the following ways:

Create a Billing ID

Create a Billing ID for the payment you want to make, or enter your Billing ID to process your payment.


Make Payment

Click ‘Pay’ and select an available payment method. You can pay using a Visa credit/debit card or using a virtual account method.


Download Proof of State Revenue (BPN)

Download your BPN after successful payment. You can also make and manage other payments more easily on OnlinePajak.

Pay taxes and other state revenues

Want to make another payment? See a list of payment types available here.

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