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Simplify supplier payments and send receipts with ease

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing supplier payments. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to upload invoices and send payments to your vendors with just a few clicks. Simplify your invoicing process and transform the way you manage supplier payments today.

Checkout by OnlinePajak

Our checkout page accurately calculates VAT (PPN) and Withholding (PPh) tax on invoices, allowing customers to quickly determine the net amount to pay. This eliminates the risk of payment discrepancies, ensuring smooth transactions without delays or refunds.

Pay invoices with just 1-click!

It’s easier to pay invoices with 1-Click with a variety of payment methods to choose from (virtual accounts and Visa credit/debit cards) and optimize your business cashflow.

Convenience and security in making payments

We provide payment services with PCI DSS compliance level. This will give you comfort and ensure security in using our payment services.

Pay your supplier features

Credit card payment method for cashflow optimization
Effortless tax reporting from your purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are available for Supplier Invoice payments at OnlinePajak?

You can pay your suppliers through a Virtual Account or Visa Debit or Credit Card

How to pay suppliers with a Virtual Account?

You can follow the instructions found on the following page.

How do I pay a supplier with a Visa Debit or Credit Card?

You can follow the instructions found on the following page

What is the KYC and KYB process for supplier payments?

You can access the following page to find out what is needed for the KYC and KYB processes here.

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