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Create and stamp your documents in one place

A secure and efficient e-Meterai experience for your important documents, with flexible service integration into systems.

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Official and legally recognized

OnlinePajak is an official partner of PERURI and is legally recognized as a ‘stamp collector’, by the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP). All electronic documents affixed with our e-Meterai are valid in the eyes of the law.

Integration into your system

Easy integration into your financial system or ERP. Our system allows you to connect with APIs and Webhooks in both one-way and two-way settings. Create a connecting workflow between the two systems that suits your needs.

Link directly to invoices

Apply e-Meterai directly to invoices with just one click in one integrated platform. You can even add multiple electronic stamps at once.

e-Meterai Features

Single e-Meterai
Bulk e-Meterai
Document Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use bulk e-Meterai?

You can use bulk e-Meterai in OnlinePajak if you have created a folder and uploaded documents in PDF format. Then the bulk process can be done after you download the CSV template and complete the details. Do a refresh if the status has not changed. Learn more here.

How to affix an e-Meterai to a document?

Upload the file that you want to affix to the document, complete the details of the document you selected, and apply the 10000 e-Meterai. Drag the e-Meterai logo and adjust its position to your document. Don’t forget to save the document afterward, wait until the document status changes to Attached. Learn more here.

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