Invoicing & Compliance Automation

Get your finance operations on autopilot

End-to-end automation of your account receivables, account payables, and compliance requirements, all without the need for code.

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The difficulties of making a transaction in Indonesia are real

There are significant difficulties in making transactions in Indonesia. The tasks are mundane, from generating invoices, VAT, withholding tax, and payments. It is also complicated, costly, and opaque due to the different silos in the process.


Bills / Invoices


Value Added Tax


Witholding Tax



Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

No-code and integrated system within a single stack

One app to do it all. Our features allow you to do all of your transactions within one ecosystem, with portability and compatibility with other financial and accounting systems.

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payables


  • PajakPay
  • Tax filing

Collaboration & Automation

Easy and seamless experience for your finance team

Our simple interface allows you to navigate all financial transactions efficiently and customize them to your needs and preferences.

Build and control your own process and workflow

Our automation allows the finance team to control their system without relying on the IT team to modify and automate finance transactions.

What our customers say

Guntur TS. Simbolon
Head of Sales & Marketing • CV Sumber Sejahtera
"OnlinePajak membuat pelaporan pajak menjadi lebih mudah. Pelaporan pajak secara online dapat memangkas waktu kita yang berharga & mematuhi pembayaran pajak dengan tepat untuk keperluan Bangsa & Negara."
Hendry Andreas
Tax Manager • Biznet (PT. Supra Primatama Nusantara)
"Dengan OnlinePajak, kami menerima BPA sebelum BPE sebagai bukti resmi bahwa kami telah melaporkan pajak kami. Adanya BPA secara tidak langsung memberikan rasa tenang bagi kami, karena risiko keterlambatan pelaporan SPT dapat diminimalisir. Pelaporan pajak kami juga selalu akurat sejak menggunakan OnlinePajak."
Priyanto Siadjono
Akuntan • PT Arkamaya Laminasindo.
"OnlinePajak sangat membantu saya melaporkan pajak, lebih mudah dan praktis."

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