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Manage your transactions in an all-in-one platform. All the features you need for your reconciliation and accounting needs. Pre-pay for a quota or pay-as-you-go.

Rp 5.000
per Standard Transaction

Rp 25.000 if you try to build the stack yourself

  • Invoice
  • e-Signature
  • e-Materai
  • e-Faktur
  • e-Bupot
  • Payments

Design a custom package and transact in the way that works best for your business. Recommended for businesses with large transaction volumes or unique needs.

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Custom pricing

The most comprehensive B2B transaction stack

Benefits from hundreds of features

Seamless business transaction processes in one platform
  • Invoice
  • e-Faktur
  • e-BuPot
  • e-Signature
  • e-Meterai
  • Comprehensive reports for your transactions
File your tax returns efficiently
  • e-Filing
  • SPT Tahunan Badan
Collaborate with multiple users and departments
  • Multi-NPWPs
  • Multi-users
  • Configure roles & permissions
  • Email transaction documents to vendors
Make and receive payments within the same platform
  • Make and receive invoice payments
  • Tax payments (PajakPay)
  • e-Billing
Always be audit ready and make your audit cost-efficient
  • Reconciliation & transaction reports
  • Validate NPWP for transactions
  • SPT Masa tax payment
  • Report SPT Masa PPN, PPh 23/36 & PPh Final
Pre-built integrations that you can activate immediately
  • API integration (excludes connection fees)
  • QR code import
  • Upload CSV

Need more features? We have you covered in our enterprise plans. Contact Sales for details.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Billing cycle

Billing cycle would be based on the subscription start date. Example: if the start date is 12th of October, you will be billed for the usage from 12th of October until 11th of November, and the invoice will be sent to you. Then the usage quota will be reset.

Usage quota

You can see your current usage quota as well as the remaining credit limit under the “my plans” section under the global settings. Only available to owner.

Payment terms (configurable)

Payment terms by default is 15 days after the invoice is sent. However, payment terms are configurable through a separate request to the sales team. Contact our sales team for more information.

Expiry date for the free credits

Free credits do not expire, you can continue using it as long as you still have the credit.

Billing information

You will need to provide us with a valid billing information for you to be able to continue using our services. If you fail to provide a valid billing information, you will no longer able to use our services.

Standard transaction

A Standard Transaction consists of the following: 1 e-Bupot, 1 invoice, 1 approved e-Faktir/PPh Final document, 1 e-Signature, and 1 e-Materai (excluding service fee).

Any additional e-Faktur/PPh Final or invoice will be counted as another Standard Transaction, while any other items will be counted under over-quota surcharges.

The meterai cost of Rp 10.000 is excluded from this calculation.

Over-quota surcharges

Over-quota surcharges can include the following: e-Signature, e-Meterai, Replaced document , Cancelled document

Multiple NPWPs and users

An account can have up to 5 NPWPs and 5 users; contact sales to add more NPWPs or users.

Find out more about our solutions

Talk to us and we will be able to tailor a solution that works for you.

Invoicing & Compliance Automation

End-to-end automation of your account receivables, account payables, and compliance requirements without the need for code.

  • No-code and integrated system within a single stack
  • Easy and seamless experience for your finance team
  • Build and control your own process and workflow

Tax Credit Collection

We work with you and your value chain to ensure credits are exchanged smoothly with reminders.

  • Monitor and collect your credits without any hassle
  • Implement a robust collection process at scale
  • Protect your cash flow by maximizing your tax credit collection

Audit Readiness & Reconciliation

PajakSafe, our AI-based audit engine, will crawl through every one of your transactions and give you a real-time audit.

  • Official master data
  • Complete lifecycle view and seamless transition from high-level financial summary down to a single transaction
  • Understand your audit risk level with detailed issues and recommended solutions

Working Capital

You can opt for more cash or more time. We offer options that give you more time to pay your taxes or suppliers.

  • Compliance payment automation and financing
  • Payables and receivables financing
  • Account receivables
  • Supply chain payments

What our customers say

Billy Bachtiar Gunawan
CEO • NusaTalent
"OnlinePajak masih bisa di-handle dan menghemat biaya karena kita tidak perlu menyewa ahli accounting, dan sebagai founder, kita bisa lebih fokus ke perkembangan bisnis daripada hal-hal administrasi."
M Zaqie
CEO • PT Daksa Anugrah Cipta
"OnlinePajak tampil prima sehingga tidak ada masalah dengan pelaporan pajak kami. Respon admin di saat ada masalah juga sangat cepat. Maju dan lebih baik lagi OnlinePajak!"

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