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This is our basic plan with 10 free invoices and e-BuPot per month. Recommended for 1-2 person teams with a few NPWPs to manage and a low invoice volume.
Start from
Per month, payment
/ year
*Invoice (>10)
/ invoice tambahan
10 55
  • Up to 2 NPWPs & 2 users
  • e-Billing
  • Tax Payment
  • e-Filing


500 invoices/month are included in this package, recommended for medium-sized enterprises with experienced tax and finance teams who create large volumes of invoices.
Start from
Per month, payment
/ year
*Invoice (>500)
/ invoice tambahan
500 750
  • All Team features
  • Up to 50 NPWPs & 30 users
  • Workflow engine
A plan for enterprises that have large volume or value transactions or unique business models.
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Our team can help design a customized pricing package, billed monthly or annually
  • Volume discounts
  • Multi-product discounts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support for API integration

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Invoicing & Compliance Automation

Manage your finance operations on autopilot
  • No-code and integrated system within a single stack
  • Easy and seamless experience for your finance team
  • Build and control your own process and workflow

Credit Collection

Collect your credits on time
  • Monitor and collect your credit without any hassle
  • Real-time status monitoring with automated alerts on overdue credits

Audit Readiness & Reconciliation

Be audit ready with better reconciliation
  • Always be audit ready
  • Complete lifecycle view and seamless transition from high-level financial summary down to a single transaction
  • Understand audit risk level with detailed issues and recommend solutions

Working Capital Optimization

Pay later & get paid faster
  • Compliance payment automation
  • Compliance, receivables, payables financing
  • Supply chain payments

What our customers say

Guntur TS. Simbolon
Head of Sales & Marketing • CV Sumber Sejahtera
"OnlinePajak membuat pelaporan pajak menjadi lebih mudah. Pelaporan pajak secara online dapat memangkas waktu kita yang berharga & mematuhi pembayaran pajak dengan tepat untuk keperluan Bangsa & Negara."
Sri Murni Metawati, S.H.,
CEO • CV Lima Saudara Sejahtera.
"Ingin lapor pajak mudah dan cepat? OnlinePajak solusinya!"

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Features Starter Team SME
e-Meterai Get started Get started Get started
e-Signature Get started Get started Get started
e-Faktur 10 invoices per month 100 invoices per month 500 invoices per month
e-BuPot creation (PPh 23/26) 10 withholding taxes per month 100 withholding taxes per month 500 withholding taxes per month
Reconciliation & transaction reports
Validate NPWP for transactions
PPh final (0.5%) up to 10 invoices per month up to 100 invoices per month up to 500 invoices per month
SPT Masa tax payment
Report SPT Masa PPN, PPh 23/36 & PPh Final
Upload CSV
QR code import
API integration (excludes connection fees)
Email eFaktur to vendors
SPT Tahunan Badan
Tax payments (PajakPay)
Multi-NPWP up to 2 NPWP up to 10 NPWP up to 50 NPWP
Multi-user up to 2 users up to 5 users up to 30 users
Configure Roles & Permissions
Historical access log
In-App Support (Chatbot)
Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is a free trial available?

You can get started with the Starter plan to try out OnlinePajak for free. If you have a large volume of transactions and intend to integrate with our APIs, a sandbox can be made available for your team to test with as well.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Any payments made are non-refundable.

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