OnlinePajak Beta Program

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Experience the power of the OnlinePajak Beta Program, where every business user can play a vital role in shaping and maintaining the exceptional quality of our platform.

About OnlinePajak Beta Program

Be part of something extraordinary with the OnlinePajak beta program. Engage in a collaborative environment, enjoy exclusive updates, share your insights through surveys, and connect with our product owner to share your experiences and make a meaningful impact on the platform’s development.

User Eligibility Criteria

OnlinePajak business users who handle the responsibilities of doing tax, accounting, treasury, and finance.

Your expertise and experience are crucial to the success of the OnlinePajak Beta Program.

Sign up now and get Rp150.000

Your insights are highly valued! To express our appreciation, we’re offering a generous reward of Rp150.000 GoPay credit for your participation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your voice heard. Sign up today and let’s connect as early as tomorrow!

How does it work?


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    Frequently asked questions

    Who should become a member?

    Whether you’re an industry innovator or an early adopter, joining our program gives you exclusive early access to cutting-edge features and technologies. Stay ahead of the competition and shape the future of your industry by becoming a member today.

    What happens when I become a member?

    Once you’ve signed up, an OnlinePajak representative will be in touch with you to set a virtual meeting. Complete your session and your reward will be disbursed accordingly. By signing up as a member, you might even be invited for future sessions!

    What is expected from me as a member?

    Members should be corporate representatives who are passionate about voicing their opinions & suggestions for the improvement of OnlinePajak products. We take your responses seriously, so the more you have to say, the better it is for the future of OnlinePajak.

    How do I provide feedback?

    Be heard by booking an interview session and make sure that you sign up today.

    What if I want to leave the program?

    We’d be really sad to see you go. If you’re sure you’d like to opt out of our beta program and no longer be able to earn rewards for your opinions, you can always contact our support specialists. We will remove you from our beta list & will not contact you for any future beta sessions.

    Signing up is completely optional

    Why don’t you simply book an interview with us?