Payment / Request Payment

Get paid faster from your customer

Simply send a payment request through our platform and your customers can pay securely online using their preferred payment method. No more chasing down payments as our streamlined payment process will assist you and your customers.

Get paid on your terms

With our payment request feature, you can request payment from your customers on your terms. This gives you more control over your cash flow and ensures that you get paid faster.

Streamlined payment process

Our payment request feature streamlines the payment process for both you and your customers. You can easily send payment requests through our platform, and your customers can securely pay online using their preferred payment method.

Convenience and security in making payments

We provide payment services with PCI DSS compliance level. This will give you comfort and ensure security in using our payment services.

Request payment features

Adding payment flexibility for your buyer, with credit card payment
Documentation for all your payment and tax need for you and your buyer
Email payment reminder
In-app automated tax document creation

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