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The difficulties of making a transaction in Indonesia are real

Accounting, value-added Tax, withholding tax and payments have their own disconnected lifecycles creating massive frictions & reconciliation issues.
Transactions in Indonesia are complicated
Transactions in Indonesia are complicated, costly, and opaque due to the different silos in the process.
Audit requests are inconvenient and time-consuming
Sudden audit requests can lead to an exhausting document collection process, numerous email exchanges, and the possibility of missing documents.
Payments or credit collections are ongoing battles
Late payments lead to various business problems, from penalties, unstable relationships with suppliers, unhealthy cash flow, late customer collections, and reconciliation issues.

A turn-key platform for your daily business

OnlinePajak has a module to suit your different needs.

Manage your financial operations on autopilot

End-to-end automation for your accounts receivable accounts payable, and compliance requirements, without the need for code.

Collect all your credits in a timely manner

Collaborate with your value chain across transactions and exchange credits smoothly.

Always be audit ready and make your audit cost-efficient

Our advanced features provide transparency and traceability to make reconciliation a breeze. PajakSafe, our intelligent audit engine, will inform you of relevant matters that require your attention by automatically scanning your transactions.

Pay later, get paid faster

You can opt for more cash or more time. We offer options that give you more time to pay your taxes or suppliers.

10% of the Indonesian economy automates their operations with OnlinePajak

Run your business on a fully licensed, collaborative and open platform

We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. Our commitment to providing the best solutions and services sets us apart from the competition.

Two way synchronization with any ERP, accounting or CRM system

Our transaction solutions enable you to connect to many other systems, opening up new possibilities for automation and data sharing without needing custom code or development.

Collaboration across the value chain

Our platform allows you to be part of the same ecosystem as your vendors and customers, enabling seamless collaboration for all your business transactions. Everyone can work simultaneously without conflicts.

A full suite of licenses

As an official partner of DJP, OnlinePajak has full suites licenses from DJP, DJPb, Peruri, Peruri Digital, Kemenkominfo, and Bank Indonesia, allowing us to facilitate the transaction needs of our customers.

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