Annual Corporate Tax Return

Report your annual corporate tax reports quickly and easily

Prepare, pay, and file your corporate income tax in one single platform.

Import CSV

More reliable import CSV feature that can accept much more data in one import.


Pay & file in one go

Not only preparing SPT, our platform allows to proceed the end-to-end from prepare to pay & file without leaving the platform.


Up to 100k data in one import
Import CSV
Pay & file in one go

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I activate e-Fin for tax reporting?

Activate your e-Fin so you can report taxes at OnlinePajak. Click the “Gear” icon to enter the “e-Fin Settings” menu, then complete your company’s e-Fin number and follow the instructions provided.

How do you make and report an Annual Corporate Tax Return in OnlinePajak?

Make sure you have prepared all documents for the purpose of reporting the Annual Corporate Tax Return. Then, create and fill in SPT 1771 in the OnlinePajak application. Follow the instructions provided and fill in the information fields truthfully.

How to print Electronic Proof of Receipt (BPE) after e-Filing?

If the Annual SPT reporting is successful, you can download the Electronic Receipt (BPE). Enter the “Tax Report” menu, then select the Tax Period and click the “Download BPE” icon to download your BPE.

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