Odoo - OnlinePajak Integration

With a strong technical foundation, Odoo and OnlinePajak is the only IT system your company needs.

Best software to run your company and now it is integrated with Tax Management Platform.

OnlinePajak + Odoo

what can we do?

Easy To Use

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it has never been easier to manage your core business processes and understand your business’ financial health anywhere you are.

Manage Your Finances

Invoicing and accounting has never been so easy with integrated ERP System to Taxation Platform; Prepare, Pay and File in 5 mins.

Seamless Integration

Whatever you do on Odoo’s Invoicing, will integrate seamlessly on OnlinePajak. By API Integration, Invoices are directly imported into OnlinePajak where Odoo’s users can approve for e-faktur generation, e-faktur automatically sent by email to customers. When it comes to paying and filing taxes, OnlinePajak will take care of the rest.

About OnlinePajak

OnlinePajak is a fully-integrated web-based tax application that allows taxpayers to perform Tax preparation; calculations, payments and tax reporting in a single platform seamlessly. 

With its technology and innovation, OnlinePajak is an Official Application Service Provider host-to-host with Dirjen Pajak Indonesia.

About Odoo

Odoo is the only your business needs – it can cover all your company processes, starting from accounting, human resources, warehouse management, sales, procurement, customer service, project management & many others.

Odoo has an intuitive user interface which can be accessed by PC, tablet or phone.

Odoo is an open-source platform, which is easily customized and new features can be developed.

You buy just the apps your business needs! All the Odoo apps are fully integrated with all the other Odoo apps.

Odoo is an ERP system suitable for both SME and big corporations, thanks to its significantly lower costs than other ERP software.

Why Port Cities?
Port Cities have extensive experience with IT consulting, business analysis & Odoo 

  • Awarded the best Odoo Partner in APAC region
  • 20+ years of experience with business consulting
  • The biggest Odoo team worldwide
  • 500+ successful ERP implementations around the world
  • Satisfied clients in 4 continents

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